We love fitting contact lenes! Today's contact lenses are more breathable and more comfortable than ever. We frequently deal with the most challenging specialty fits, and it is rare that someone cannot be fit with today's modern technology. Bifocal, astigmatism, keratoconus -- almost anything is possible.

One of our biggest joys is to see a child fit into their first contact lenses. We have several very patient staff members that have trained thousands of first time wearers. We believe that contacts are often a better solution than glasses for the visual development and coordination of a growing child. Therefore, it is not unusual for us to fit a child as young as age 6 or 7, especially if they have high or uneven prescriptions. When a child cannot be fully responsible for the insertion and removal, we have also trained mom or dad to help.

Managing contact lens discomfort is something we don't shy away from. We boldly change materials, add medications, or adjust wearing times to keep our patients glasses free.